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Sauk Rapids Rice High School, often abbreviated as SRRHS, is a public high school for boys and girls in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, USA. The Weekday News was a weekly news program compiled and produced by the University of Minnesota - Duluth's School of Journalism and Mass Communication and the Minnesota Public Radio Network.

Curt Olson advises classes at Sauk Rapids Rice High School before retiring from his position as the school's athletic director. Hogrefe, who owns the Minnesota State University - St. Paul football team, is scheduled to make his first court appearance on August 31. He did not give a telephone number, and a Rollie's employee said Tuesday afternoon that he could not be reached.

Hogrefe is accused of leaving the scene of the accident and misreporting a crime. The lawsuit in court alleges that he was making a right turn and was driving south on 12th Avenue when he encountered a group walking near the road. After a verbal exchange, Hogre drove west in the back of the group and made the U-turn on 12st Avenue.

Hogrefe then admitted firing a shot through his own windscreen on the morning of the incident. When confronted with the bullet that smashed into his windshield right in front of him, he said a friend shot through the window the next day, the indictment said.

Hogrefe eventually told investigators that the shot was fired after he hit a pedestrian and that he allegedly used racist language and hit the pedestrian during the exchange of words, which included racist slurs. He said he was investigating and likely did so after being called a "honky idiot" and told to watch where he was driving.

The charges against Hogrefe say the man initially told officers he had hit him after being shot. When he was first questioned by police, he responded spontaneously: "I did it, I ran over a person," the complaint said. Williams was knocked out, had broken teeth, had plates put in his arm and had his bowel repaired and had surgery to repair his bowel, the court heard.

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